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Welcome to DearBabiMwanawangu & 27 weeks pregnancy update!

Dear Babimwanawangu,

Hello, I should probably explain what “Dear Babimwanawangu” means: it is a combination of the welsh word for baby which is babi and the Shona word for my child which is mwanawangu. We chose this because I am welsh and Justin is Zimbabwean and speaks Shona. So, for us this represents a combination of cultures joining together on the journey of pregnancy and parenthood together. For us, this blog will represent something that will grow with us, it will be a journey of our pictures that we share and the memories which we capture by photographs and videos. It will be our online family diary where we can share snippets of our life and will be something memorable to capture the memories for us. Most importantly, to show our child when they are grown up and to capture the little things which often pass us by so quickly, but to give us a space to express gratitude and appreciation of the little moments which mean the most!

Here is the people behind the blog: your parents – Emma Claire Hubbard and Adolf (Justin) Chiwara. We are so excited to meet you and become the best parents that we can be!

This pregnancy is going so quickly! I was nervous to post any pictures on here because it is only recently that I started to notice a bump. People are still shocked when I tell them that I am 27 weeks pregnant! I hope that we will be able to post regularly on here through the rest of my pregnancy and document moments before your arrival which are special to us. Every time I feel your kick, move, dance around it is such a heart warming moment for both of us, as Justin can feel you move around now too which is so cute, especially kissing the bump like in the photo, it melts my heart.

Here’s to a journey of our experiences of being a first time Mum and Dad! We feel so incredibly blessed.

Lots of love, Mum and Dad. (Mazirudo akawanda, Amai na Baba) xxxx


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