Baby First’s Holiday: Wonderful Weymouth

Weymouth is a large seaside town in Dorset; it is a destination which attracts tourists who love to stay-cation in Caravans, just like our family who enjoyed a week’s holiday at Chesil Vista Holiday Park. In my family, it has always been a Hubbard tradition to go on holiday in the October Half term and we enjoyed many caravan holidays throughout my childhood. We went in the October Half-Term so it was very busy, with families but lovely as it was more vibrant experience.

gardens x

On Sunday, we walked to Sandsfoot Castle, nestled in beautifully designed gardens which were originally designed in 1931. The seasonal flowers and herb beds were so well looked after and the feature of the pond with a fountain as the centre piece of the gardens, which made for the perfect photo opportunity but also, the gardens flowed really well! Sandsfoot Castle is one of Henry VII’s Device Forts, which was built around 1541 to the West of Weymouth; it is strategically placed opposite Portland Castle to protect the Harbour from raiders. Most of the castle has fallen into the sea but it is protected as a Grade II Historical place of interest listed since 1953. In 2009, a project began to restore the Castle to preserve its history and structure which makes it’s safe to be used as a Tourist attraction. The grand opening of the Castle was on 1st July 2012 as part of the annual Tudor Fayre.


Looking over at Portland Harbour!


Halloween collage 2015 x
Family time on Halloween

We also had a special day out at Monkey World, which was another childhood memory which was so amazing to experience again! Monkey world is sanctuary which offers rehabilitation to rescued monkeys.  The play park is one of the best adventure parks I have ever been on, even as an adult. It was so much fun and it was wonderful to see my little sister and brother having such an amazing time.

Our family holiday was also special because it was the first experience Zachary had swimming, we loved spending time with our family and it was lovely to have a couple of hours by ourselves. Even if we did miss Zachary! All of us had had an amazing holiday together and it was so lovely to spend time with family. Weymouth was Wonderful and a great place for a family holiday on the South West Coast!

Lots of love, Mummy and Daddy xx


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