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A letter of love to the year of 2015!

collage christmas xx
Happy Christmas from our little Family to yours! Wishing you all the happiness and joy for the New Year of 2016. The first year the Cosy Crew decorated post boxes to spread festive cheer which it certainly did,  such an amazing way to spread happiness and it made for great family selfies! x
collage2015 xxx
From  the top left: Collage of photographs of January to June: couple pics, handing in Individual study, Having a Baby Balloon, Bumpie Kisses. Kisses at the beach on our last BBQ of 2015, smiling Zachary. Second row: Family photographs. Third row: Graduation photo, family hand prints and Coco-Cola pics the day before Zachary was born.

Dear 2015,

This year gave us the luxury and precious joy of becoming parents at 21 and 26 years old, we are so blessed that ZSC is our baby boy and watching him grow into a little character brings us so much happiness. Parenthood is challenging but a wonderful learning experience and I am so lucky to see my loving partner be such a wonderful Daddy.

Our lives instantly changed when we found out that I was pregnant with our first child which happened on the 12th of January 2015. Being pregnant was wonderful; seeing our baby on our scans, hearing a heartbeat, finding out we were having baby boy in my 21st birthday card, feeling the kicking of a human which we created. It was also difficult with morning sickness which stayed with me until the day you born, that was the most challenging. However, our journey became bumpier when at a couple of hours old, you were transferred to SCBU. We have so much to be grateful for the loving care which all the nurses, doctors and consultants showed to us and Zachary. We appreciate the hard-work and dedication of the NHS care we received, they incredibly made our little boy better and he became stronger, but always brave. After 10 days in SCBU, you came home finally – it was the greatest! Having a child in SCBU, we seen so many things which definitely made us recognize the significance of life, it is so precious and I truly believe that experiencing our challenge made us appreciate being a parent in a more.

Reflecting on your memories, this is also a baby update for ZSC as On New Year’s Day 2016, you have been in our lives 18 weeks and 2 days, today! But you have been a presence of a little jumping bean for 37 weeks before, I can’t believe how quickly time has passed and it honestly because we are so happy! Highlights of your life so far: smiling and laughing, baby babbling, love to read stories and twinkle twinkle little star is your favourite song. You love tummy time and are becoming stronger every day; you really want to move and are such an active baby! You are pretty chilled apart from when you’re hungry, just like everyone really! At first you hated baby massage but now you love which is a bonus as it has been so beneficial bonding experience for me and you! We have celebrated Halloween and your first Christmas at your Gogo’s and Granny Ann’s house which was so enjoyable! You have travelled by car, bus, coach and train! You are breastfed and bottle fed, which works for us and you are growing so quick, when you are born at 4lbs 6oz, and on the first week of December, you were 11lbs 4oz! We love to take you on walks by the seaside and the park to see the ducks. You love lights and are fascinated by them! You are putting everything in your mouth especially your hands; we think you will be teething soon! You dislike being left out at meal times and always wake up which is why we are excited and can’t wait to start the weaning process and for you to be ready to sit in a highchair which will be all brand new firsts in 2016. 2016 will be a year of first time experiences but I am truly appreciative of being a Mum and Dad requires you to be present in the moment and appreciate all the little moments which we will cherish forever!

I am sure there will be challenging experiences, the difficult situations but together as a family, we will make each day brighter experience for ourselves and hopefully the world. This year has brought so much happiness every single day. Thank you 2015 for being an unforgettable year – Dedicated to the year our first born little Lion cub: ZSC

Lots of love,

Mummy and Daddy xxx


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