A letter of special memories · ZSC update

5 Months: Baby Update

Dear my little baby ZSC,

It was so exciting that on the 19th January 2016 you turned 5 months old. It was a special milestone for our family as Your Daddy and I met each other 3 years ago on that date which is extra special for us a couple. So, here is the short story of how we met each other on a cold January night 19th January 2013. We were both on nights out with our friends, when we met each other standing at the bar, I was getting a bottle of water and he was a getting a drink! After a brief conversation, we exchanged numbers! (Do you still speak to people on the phone in 2036?- When you’re 21! + I bet there will be some other cooler technology!)

We met in Canterbury at a night club called Chemistry – which must have made us feel the love potion: that is a *really cringey mum* joke! It was a life changing night which I am so happy happened and I wish I had captured that moment in time and such a special occasion to treasure. I deeply believe that fate brought us together to share so many special memories, being the love of my life and your parents. The place will always have a special place in our hearts as it was the place we first met.
Five Month Baby Update:

Picture taken on 19th January 2016
  • At the beginning of January you weighed 13lbs 1oz and are wearing size 3 nappies. Most of the clothes you wear are 3-6 months. These last couple of weeks you have definitely had a growth spurt!
  • You love holding your toys and you are always reaching out to get toys and pick them up!
  • You love to watch things happening around you and people always comment on how curious and observant you are.
  • Tummy time is your favourite and starting to move your legs to get in the crawling position, it looks like frog movements trying to shuffle forward.
  • You are displaying all the signs of the beginning stages of teething, dribbling excessively and hard gums, maybe there will be teeth coming soon?!
  • You laugh and smile so much, but it is hard to capture on camera as you love to move around. We think you are a very active baby and but you still love to be walked/carried in your baby wrap! It was honestly the best investment, it makes me sad to think in a couple of months you will be too big for it but it has been our most used item to date.
A collage of mummy and baby ZSC at 5 months old x
  • Your personality at the moment: you have definitely chilled out more since your new born days and you are incredibly social and love interacting with children/adults! Everything is an adventure for you, always keep the spirit of discovery alive in your life at the moment and throughout life. I love seeing you process all the discoveries you make on a daily basis.
  • When we sing to you, you respond to us by babbling away in your language, and I think you recognise the actions to some songs like The Grand Olde Duke of York and Wind the Bobbin Up.
  • You love to focus on the pages of books especially with different textures and colours and it is a lovely bonding experience for all of us!
  • You have been sleeping in you Cot, since the beginning of January in our bedroom. When we first decided to do this, it was emotional! Seeing how much space you have now, it is much lovely and you sleep much better.
  • You have strength because sometimes when you pull my hair, it makes me want to cry with how much it hurts! (I deserve a Mum treat for dealing with this! Especially as my hair is long and its the reason I wear my hair up).
  • You are very loving and are starting to recognise hugs and kisses, holding your arms out for cuddles which is adorable and we love this.


Lots of love,
Mummy and Daddy xxx


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