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Loveuary Day 14 – Valentine’s Day :)


collage 2015

Dear Baby ZSC,

I am starting off this Loveuary post with a flash back of pregnant bump memories photographed here at 10 weeks and 3 days on Valentine’s Day 2015. It’s  so cute how you had already changed our lives by knowing that we were going to be parents and it filled us with so much excitement and worry. I remember eating our Valentine’s Day meal at home and then we posed for these pictures, and I am so happy that we have them now.  I remember saying next Valentine’s our baby will be here and now you were nearly be six months old.

collage 4444 xxx

Family walks by the sea!

I love this collage of photographs of Me and my love with it was very windy but lovely to be out in the fresh air. On the 14th, the sea was very stormy and the waves were crashing over this part of the sea. So, this is taken on the 15th which was much calmer. I love taking photographs of me jumping so I Jumped as high as I could whilst holding ZSC, and I am so happy with how the photograph came out.

Family walks by the sea!
Love Brownies – A.C & E.C.H! x

The shops are full of chocolate on Valentine’s Day especially, the day after Chocolate goes on sale too – yum for a Chocoholic like me! I decided to make some strawberry brownies which were delicious, lovely and rich. I used the recipe from BBC Good Food for Raspberry Brownies. As strawberries were reduced in the shop, I used them. It worked really well and we both enjoyed brownies for dessert and for a couple of days after! I really like the DIY Love sign even though it is very messy.

Family selfie on Valentine’s Day! 

Little Z.S.C loves to pull my long hair especially when it is down, que wearing hair up in a messy mum bun for most of my life since you have been born.This little lad has quite the grip when he gets something of interest, it makes me smile as in a couple of months he will grow out of this phase. I think the photograph captures us perfectly at this stage. It shows the real way that it is so difficult to get a family picture and Daddy A.C always comments that I am like the Mum in the Goldbergs program who loves to get the perfect picture, but real moments deserve to be cherished and celebrated. I will definitely be the Mum who next Christmas gets us all matching outfits to wear.

It was our best Valentine’s Day yet, quiet and chilled but as Parents – it is still fun to have Date nights where we dress up even if we don’t go out. Thank you for both being my Valentine’s and giving me the best day. Love is about the kindness you show to each other everyday of our lives and I hope for many more together!

Lots of love, Mummy & Daddy.xx

Question: How did you and your families celebrate Valentine’s Day?

P.S: Lots more exciting posts coming soon: A six month baby update and a DIY 6 month photo board and Half Term Fun! 


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