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Loveuary Day 19: DIY Baby photo board


Dear Z.S.C and lovely readers,

A baby photo board is a lovely way to celebrate your baby’s milestones usually used to capture the memories which happen such as: when they are first born as a newborn photo board of their name and key details and also in their first year of life used at their birthday party. Although, I think that the first six months have flown by and in attempt to capture some of the memories which happen so quickly I made a 6 months photo board. Baby Z.S.C is 6 months old now and it was an opportunity to capture his first memories using my favourite pictures of him and his hand and foot prints. It is something which I will cherish by displaying in his nursery room and hopefully one day I will frame it!


Things you may need to make this craft project include:

  • A craft piece of card: I used A3 but any size to fit your space.
  • A selection my favourite pictures from 6 months old.
  • A drawing or painted print of your child’s hand/foot print or both!
  • Lots of felt pens and coloured paper/card.
  • A Little Mummy/Daddy says to your baby.
  • Wooden letters to create the name with added polka dots.


  1. I wrote down all the key elements on a piece of paper, I would like to include on the photo board, such as: Name, date of the celebration, Weight, clothes size, height. I used the A3 piece of card as a backdrop to all the little pieces.
  2. Also I included some fun facts about the age of the baby/child and also key milestones that Z.S.C has reached so far! I wrote a little piece about Z.S.C personality.
  3. I included a hand drawn hand print and a red footprint which I shaped in a heart: Their tiny hands and feet grow all the time so it’s lovely to include this I think.
  4. I thought it would be nice to include a Mummy/Daddy says for us with a little message, but you can personalise this for the baby/child.
  5. I arranged everything in a way which I thought looks lovely and then I glued down all the bits of pieces of paper. *Let your creative side shine!*
  6. Finally, I added extra decoration of hearts and polka dots as I just love them and I think it makes some of the text stand out!



These are some of my ideas which I would like to share on this site so ultimately I can show my baby in the future when he is grown up. I made our photo board personal and shared some of the highlights of Parenthood so far for us as ZSC’s Mum and Dad

(P.S:  Z.S.C: I really hope you love your 6 Month photo board and I really enjoyed making it for you in the evenings after your turned six months old.)

If you make a DIY Photo board please write a link to a picture in the comments, I hope you love making a special photo board which captures your personal journey as a Mum or Dad, relative or friend!

Lots of love, Mummy.xxx


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