The Glamour Beauty Festival 2016

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This is a different type of blog post for this site but I am excited to share with you! on Saturday 12th March 2016, My sister Julia and I attended the first Glamour beauty festival. I saw the event advertised on Twitter and when I saw it, I immediately called my sister Julia who is studying to be a Beauty Therapist that there was a surprise event I wanted her to come with me to. My sister made me tell her what the event was and I told her it was Glamour’s First Beauty Festival held at the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square in London. The location was a large open space customized to fit the beauty weekend by the Glamour team. A highlight for me was looking at the amazing photography on the walls, and the focal feature of the entrance was the archway covered in kisses with many inspiring quotes about feeling beautiful.

Kisses on the ceiling of the archway! x

After arriving very early, as we had anticipated crowds of people to be waiting, we were greeted by minimal crowds and managed to get a seat outside on a bench which was lovely, as we watched some of the guest speakers enter the Gallery which was very lovely for my sister to see. The way the tickets were organised by Eventbrite was confusing as there was an entry ticket, talk ticket and a goodie bag ticket – I think this could have been made clearer but there were very swish scanners which worked well once they had the correct barcode.

collage glamour xx

We went to the 11.15 a.m. talk which was Mary Greenwell: “My life in Make-up” in conversation with Ferne Cotton. The talk covered how Mary began her career as a Make-up artist and a brief history of her life as a make-up artist travelling the world applying make-up, followed by a Q&A which was lovely to get the audience involved. It was very interesting for my sister as her aspiration is to be a professional make-up artist. The talk was really informative but accessible to everyone and it was really funny too! A real highlight of the day for me was seeing my sister be inspired by a make-up artist who inspires creativity and passion for all things make-up and beauty.


I didn’t get a chance to try the Benefit Brow bar but I always hear good things about it so I will definitely be going to experience this in the future.
OGX Hair

We were lucky to have Dutch Braids done to our hair which looked lovely and something which I could never do to my own hair. I really loved the hair style and its something I would love to be able to do myself but lack the co-ordination to do braiding. Also, I had individual lashes put in for the first time and a red lip to promote the Fiat cars and also we had a photo taken in the car! Hehe!

The Glamour goodie bag: a lovely gift to take home at the end of the festival, full of interesting luxury and high street products which I am excited to use! The picture was not included or the water bottle but received on the day.
Beauty Quote on the Kisses entrance

The Glamour beauty festival event was my first experience of a beauty event. It was lovely to feel pampered and was a lovely girl’s day out with my sister. I would 100% recommend going to anybody who loves make-up or beauty.

Lots of love, Emma xx



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