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7 & 8 month old baby Zachary

Mummy and Zachary in the sea! 13.04.2016 – 34 weeks old!
Daddy and Zachary enjoying a walk along the beach! Wednesday 13th April 2016! In this picture you were 34 weeks old. x

Dear Zachary,

This little letter is a snapshot of our lives between the times you were 7 months and currently you are 8 months old.  You have grown out of your little 3-6 months and are currently wearing 6-9 months old clothes. You are independently siting up for long periods of time and love to reach out for your toys and objects around you. We build block towers over and over again and you love to bash them down!

You have developed a love of jumping around when we hold you up and love to wave your arms and legs to music. In the last 2 months you have really developed you love of sensory play and I am really happy about this as it is so much fun seeing you covered in paint like a little Incredible Hulk, this is what you looked like about a painting session, and you loved eating coloured spaghetti, touching and picking up the grass at the park. At 7 months you experienced the sand at the beach for the first time which in the beginning you were confused by, but soon started to investigate it!

Zachary’s 1st time on the swings! x
The king Z destroying his castles

We also went to a park with a sandpit and on the 3rd May 2016, you sat on your own in the swings which were still quite big for you as you are a little one, but you smiled and laughed as I pushed you! Your laugh and smile is infectious and brings so much joy to our lives and other people. We play peek-a-boo and sing row your boat and have lots of singing time together as a family which helps to soothe you and make you laugh. You laugh when we sneeze for real, which is cute! The joy on your face is so heart-warming when you discover something new and fun, such as at 8 months old; you are moving along by crawling, mostly army style, you can crawl around at quite a pace. You are now able to kneel and are pulling yourself up holding on to the sofa which is so funny to see you’re concentrating face!

Family time the park – 05.05.2016 x

Teething truly kept us on our toes, as it was a mix of sleepless nights and you became very clingy for about two weeks and you have your first two bottom teeth which appeared on the 22nd April 2016. Normally you have 2 breastfeeds a day in the morning and night, we also experienced our first breastfeeding strike after I cried in pain after your bit me, but thankfully you ended your protest, I never knew that could happen until it did which made me really appreciate the process more and how special it has been to give you milk.


You are sleeping for long periods in the night time now which are a bonus; hopefully I didn’t jinx myself by saying that! Normally, Zachary goes to sleep around 8.30 and waking up for your last feed around 11.30 and sleeping through until about 6/6.30. You eat a variety of different foods, and normally have what we eat on a daily basis, you have tried avocados, natural yogurt, flapjacks, chicken, fish and tomato soup, pineapple and pasta spirals. You are a very messy eater for Mummy but with Daddy’s careful attitude always so neat, but we like to let you have fun with food and always eat together as a family which is one of my favourite times. It’s so exciting watching you try new foods and watching your first reactions, some of which we have on video which we will show you!

My maternity leave ended on the 23rd April 2016, which was sad after 8 months of stay at home, Mummy life. It makes it easier that I am leaving him with his Dad which for me gives me piece of mind and they have fun together and take lots of pictures for me to see after I come home. Work wise in the job I do there is not much time to sit and think which is good as I am constantly doing work which makes it easier. Returning to work has been enjoyable as I try to think of the positive side such as my motivation to give Zachary and our family the best life we can.

Our little family on my 22nd birthday at my birthday meal, surprised by the boys with a beautiful cake 🙂 28.04.2016

Zachary – We love you and both of us are so blessed to be your parents watching you grow and develop every day. It is an honor to protect, care and cherish our son as you are so precious. My advice to you is always believe in yourself as at 7 months old – you are fearless and so strong and love the adventure of life!

Lots of Love, Mummy and Daddy.

P.S: You deleted this entire blog post from Word, luckily before you woke up I had copied it over in to Word Press. Little cheeky boy 🙂 x


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