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Baby ZSC: 9 Months old & Kent bucket list

IMG_8577IMG_8596Dear Zachary,

I am sorry this letter update is so late, my fault! As we had a busy month and also, June is going to be life changing for our family. So, I have been trying to prepare mentally as it so time consuming. By the time you read this, who knows where our lives will be, but always know that Kent will hold such a special place in our hearts and memories and I am so happy that you are a Kent baby, an English boy with a Welsh Mum and Zimbabwean Dad.

We are cherishing every moment as a family in the place where I experienced being pregnant with you and the first 9  months of your life but you will turn 10 Months here too. On the 19th May 2016, the day you turned 9 months, we had a lovely afternoon in the park, taking so many cute photographs of you in the spring blossom, you especially loved watching the blossom fall from the trees, and trying to eat it! You are in the stage where you want to taste everything from household objects to lots of food. I love you see experience new foods and watching your reactions, you drink lots more water now too! You can sit down confidently by making sure you don’t fall.

Whilst you were 9 months old, we went on a Mummy and son mini holiday to Wales. This was lovely and equally terrifying travelling over 5 hours with a baby by train, it was actually lovely. Although Silly Mummy did get on the wrong train to Penance and unloaded our belongings to figure out it was the wrong platform. By the time we changed platforms, the train had just left. This type of thing that happens, life takes you in a different direction – just live the adventure! It was lovely to see the countryside, going to a soft play; you loved me pushing you in the car and spending quality time Granny and family.

This photograph was taken on the day Zachary turned 9 months old
Laughing in the spring blossoms
Bike rides with Daddy on Mummy’s Bike.
Your Dad cut your hair completely off, so you were bald to start your hair again, as it was growing at different rates and wanted your hair to be the same. Your first hair cut on the 27th May 2016! 
Can you see my teeth, parents?
A Family photograph in the beautiful sunset by the sea! (:

It was wonderful to see my family and for them to see how much you had grown since Christmas! We went to see Gogo in Birmingham which was lovely especially having the paddling pool (baby bath) out in the garden splashing around and interacting with Gogo. It was lovely to watch you exploring the Allotment and seeing our friends briefly there.

You are wearing 6-9 months clothes and size 4 nappies at around the time, you turned 9 months I breastfed you for the last time, it was quite emotional as a Mum to say good bye to that special chapter especially as at first I wasn’t even sure if we would establish a breastfeeding routine as you were in SCBU. We settled on a middle ground and mixed fed you with breast-feeding and bottle. I am so glad that I preserved and continued at home. It was such a positive experience for us. However, the 2 teeth made it so painful. You now have four little teeth with 2 more on the way!

Our bucket list to complete by the 29th June 2016:

  • Go to Dover Castle!
  • Spend a day in Broadstairs and Ramsgate relaxing
  • Go to our favourite Canterbury Gardens and especially Dane John Maze for you!
  • Go and see Rochester and Canterbury Cathedral
  • Go to Whitstable Castle and Bowling
  • Have a picnic at Reculver Towers
  • Cycle to Margate and go the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Spend a day at Margate beach and Dreamland.
  • Have a BBQ on Herne Bay Beach.
  • Have a picnic in the park.
  • Go to the Parent and Baby cinema.
  • Go to the Hippodrome and Playzone.
  • Visit my university campus one last time!
  • Go swimming
  • Have a family Nandos in Canterbury – This an essential
  • Watch Pepper Pig at the Marlowe Theatre
  • Make every day have special memories being in Kent!

Lots of love, Mummy xx

P.S: It is my mission as your Mum to complete everything on the Bucket List! Goal setting is great for our productivity levels!


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