A letter of special memories · ZSC update

My little explorer: Zachary at 16 months old!

My little explorer: Walking in the Leaves

Hello my little toddler, Zachary,

You may be a tiny toddler  who tries to run away in the opposite direction but to me, you will always be my little baby boy. I am writing this on the last day of you being 16 months old, close to the deadline of midnight. I haven’t posted one of these in a while as life has been super busy, with being your mummy, most days, I just go to sleep soon after you do!

Zachary is wearing size 5 nappies, and is size 12-18 months old in clothes, although in trousers he can still fit into 9-12 months old, just about. He is having Cow’s milk and water as his main drinks. He loves to brush his teeth and brush his curly hair. Zachary’s hair is definitely a lot curlier now. He is wearing a size 3 ½ F in Clarks shoes, which means his feet are tiny.  Normally Zachary still has a late morning and afternoon nap which is great, but I think the morning nap is more of a luxury now already.  Zachary has attended play groups with My Mum which he really enjoys and is very tired after these. Zachary loves to play at soft play, but he is an outdoors boy and loves the swings at the park. There is no greater joy than watching his face light up on the swings and slides!

I love Ice-cream, just like My Mummy

Zachary is a bundle of energy and activity, he loves to walk around and is very confident in the house, outside he is still finding his feet but every time he walks outside, his confidence grows! Zachary loves us singing songs to him and dancing to music on the radio and in the car. He loves to dance and he definitely gets his rhythm from his Dad, not me!

We love to read books as part of quiet time in the day and at bedtime; he definitely has his favourite books which he loves for me to read twice. He likes to turn the page of books and touch the sensory objects. Reading is such a lovely activity to do together and we having been enjoying reading our festive story books this December. I am also attempting to try and read Zachary stories in Welsh as it will be his third language, after Shona. He loves interactive books too which have music and loves to press buttons for the music to play.

We can definitely see a character and personality developing in Zachary, he will try to climb on everything in his reach. He likes to climb on the sofa and his face is so proud when he does, such determination little one! He enjoys helping people tidy up and he is quite good at tidying away toys. He has a love of colouring before dinner time and loves to hold crayons and pencils making marks and drawing. He loves bright colours and sensory play and I think he is very imaginative, he enjoys putting tea towels on his head and chasing my brother. Now it is Christmas time, he loves looking in the cupboard to check on the Christmas pudding which I just think is so adorable. He is very caring and loving, he will be the first to offer me all the food he doesn’t want any more, it’s too cute to say no.

My one true love and my baby boy.x
Mummy and Zachary! xx

On the 16th December 2016, we received the keys to our family Home, it was such an exciting day and we are so excited to decorate your bedroom and create a lovely family home for us! We have really enjoyed living at my family home with my Mum and Family for nearly 6 months as we moved in on the 29th June 2016. We are lucky to have a place to call our own this Christmas, although not moved in completely yet, it is such a significant change for our family. We are so blessed and lucky and I really appreciate all the time it has taken to find a lovely house, after a lot of searching. Living at Granny’s has been such a blessing, spending every day with them and playing games and having so much fun together. Nearly six months has flown by, as time keeps moving forward quickly as a Mum! It has been an interesting experience moving back to my hometown after 3 and half years living in the South East. It has been an experience feeling homesick for my little beach town and the buzz of the city. It has been mixed emotions as we moved away from the place where you were born, I will forever treasure your new born and tiny baby days there. Our decision to move was difficult but with everything in life, it has happened for a reason as so many positive life events have happened here! Fate and faith gave us the greatest opportunity, let’s make more happy moments, cherishing our special time with family and friends.

I love you with all my heart, Mummy xxx


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