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A letter to 2016


Dear 2016,

This year was a great adventure for us as a family, spending quality time with each other and making so many beautiful memories together. It was a year of change, even in times of uncertainty and fear, knowing that we overcome the challenges together, and created the foundations for our beautiful family. To reflect on the year it has been a year of discovering, loving each other more deeply, and learning to adapt to change quickly but with a positive attitude.

What I learnt throughout the year of 2016:

  • An appreciation of patience more, to patient with situations that you cannot change, but also when everything does change, it is significant as I have had a deeper sense of appreciation which has made me cherish the new developments in our family.
  • It is okay to allow yourself to be scared even if you have experienced the situation before because each situation is unique to the circumstance.
  • Life is so precious, love and cherish all the special people in your life and try to show appreciation even if life gets busy. Two significant moments really stand out to me, thankfully nothing terrible happened but I realised that sometimes that your body is capable of miracles greater than I can understand and that by listening to yourself; I have the power of self-care.

A selection of the best moments of the year for me: Getting engaged to the love of my life Justin on the 17th August 2016 in Cardiff, treasuring every moment that we lived by the seaside and in Kent. It was also such an incredible feeling to see my Fiancée achieve passing college, both being employed and getting the best news ever after we moved to Wales, moving into our own house on the 17th December 2016, exploring and going on adventures and family days out.

Also, this year it was so special as a Mum and as parents to see Zachary develop from a baby who loved tummy time, progressing to crawling, cruising, walking and finally attempting to run. It has also been a discovery of food and your baby led weaning experience which was so beautiful and messy to experience, and watching you love or hate trying all the new foods. It was magical hearing him say Mummy and Daddy and both our hearts completely melted. 2016; For you my baby boy was so special celebrating the first year of your beautiful life filled with happiness and laughter, and the best memories of our lives. It has been so magical watching your transition from baby boy to energetic toddler, with so much laughter, crying and enjoying by embracing the mess and chaos that this new chapter in your life has given you. With independence and freedom, you have also been a great little challenge trying to figure out your interests and dislikes. Watching your kind and caring nature develop and also, inspiring your energy to be such a wild child, but also a boy who loves to focus on sensory playing and creating crafts.

Here is to making 2017, a positive and loving year for us as a family, to inspire each other and create joy for others and ourselves – remembering to have lots of fun and laughs together. 

Lots of love, Mummy xx

P.S: Lots of exciting posts coming soon! 


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