A letter of special memories · ZSC update

My little explorer: 18 Month Toddler update!

Hello my lovelies and my little Zachary,

Sunday 19th February 2017 marks your one and a half year: 18 months old of mischief, curiosity and happiness!

I am forever grateful that you are my son and feel so full of love and appreciation that you choose us as your family, my special baby boy who has a smile who melts hearts with a bold personality. You taught me how to be your Mummy and we are continually learning how to be your parents as each day passes. You have transformed my life and our little families for the better, to have shown us that we can fall in love with you each and every day. You are my first born, just like both of your parents are and that is a special joy. Thank-you for your joy, love and being you. In 18 months, we have learnt how to be a Mummy and Daddy, we have learnt and loved, we have struggled and survived but we ultimately have, been so happy to be your parents. 

Being an explorer – first time climbing a tree with Mummy’s help! x
Zachary’s painting and his handprints at 18 months old!


Zachary understands our instructions and will pick up his toys, although he needs encouragement to finish as I think he runs out of patience and he loves bring us random objects. Zachary is absolutely fascinated with the washing machine and tumble dryer and loves to help us with the household tasks, especially trying to jump on the vacuum cleaner or pressing the on/off button. He loves to be involved with our daily activities and will happily bring me my glasses from the drawer in the morning, it is super cute. Also, on the other hand, about a hundred times a day I have my glasses taken off my face.


Zachary really enjoys playing with his football in the garden and in the park, he really can kick it and he looks like a mini footballer. We practice our rolling and throwing the ball almost daily as it is a fun game to play. Zachary climbed his first tree today at 18 months old, of course with my help but I really try to encourage his love of nature and creative playing. I am seeing that he is building his imagination whilst playing as he is engaging with the toys to interact with them.

My sons in their matching Babygrows – How cute do they look?

Zachary is finally big enough to travel in the backpack which he didn’t like at first but by the end of the walk, he was fast asleep in it. Zachary is still having 2 naps a day but the length is varying in time. We have a little dancer on our hands, he loves to dance to the radio, music channels, and often we will be watching Zachary dance around like no-one’s watching! Zachary loves listening to nursery rhymes and occasionally joining in. We love to make messy play, I especially love painting. I have lost count of the amount of hand prints and foot print paintings we have but I think it is so special to document their growth and for me, to treasure forever. I am trying to keep everything in order and document it in art folder which I will give to you when you are older.

Zachary is enjoying using his fork and spoon, although sometimes, it is used as more of a drum than eating utensil. However, it is so important for food to be fun, that we just roll with the eating. Sometimes, it is excellent and other days, it is difficult for us to get much food into him. Although, the not eating phase normally happens during teething time. I am so happy to say that Zachary has 16 teeth currently and loves to brush them. Sometimes, taking the tooth brush off him is quite the challenge running back and forth across the landing many times. Zachary hasn’t been weighed for a while, so I am unsure how much he weighs exactly but will update this next time we have him weighed.


Zachary has experienced a massive life change since the 13th February 2017, becoming a big brother with almost 18 months between them. I believe that Zachary was very in tune with me in my pregnancy as he definitely was very caring towards me and my bump. He loved giving kisses which he has continued to do to his brother now. He is very affectionate towards him and always says Hello to his brother in the Moses basket or pram. I am looking forward to seeing your relationship blossom and watching you create memories. It is very early days of this period, and I know that feelings may change on a daily basis for him, but we will try our best to make sure feels loved and secure throughout the whole time. I am sure it is unsettling for him a little, but he seems to be very accepting and adapting very well to our new addition of our family.


I hope that you and your little brother will both grow up very close and always share a special bond with each other. I hope that having a sibling will be our greatest gift to you as parents, to have someone to experience your childhood memories with but also to share in adulthood dreams and goals when you are both older!

Lots of love,

Mummy xxx


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