A letter of special memories · TJC update

Welcome to the world T.J.C: Our bundle of love!

Hello my lovelies,

We are so happy and overjoyed to be sharing the news of our new addition to our family: our second baby! On Monday 13th February 2017 at 00.07a.m, we welcomed our beautiful Baby boy into the world! We are so happy with our early Valentine’s gift born just after the clock hit midnight. The best present we have is each other and treasuring all the time we are spending together as a family! We are happy to be home as a family of 4! My very special Valentine’s loves, we have been in a bubble of bliss since his arrival.

Here is a video vlog which I put together of our first two weeks as a family of four!

Our beautiful family of 4!
Twinning is winning for the Chiwara brothers
Our beautiful baby son Theodore Justin Chiwara


My beautiful flowers x

His name is Theodore Justin Chiwara: We both really love the meaning behind Theodore which means “God’s gift” with Greek origins which are: Theos meaning ‘God’ and ‘doron’ meaning ‘gift’. It is a common name in Classical Greece due to it being a name used by Saints and Archbishops. To the world, he is a gift of joy and love. Having our second blessing of a child means so much to us and we appreciate the blessing of his life so much as he has multiplied our love and joy so much in the time we have known that I was pregnant to being here in our arms now. Justin is from his Daddy as it is his nickname and also the name which we mostly call him, as it is a name which we both love meaning ‘Just’ and it is so special that both of sons have names which have an extraordinary connection to their Daddy which we think is sweet.

It has been a whirlwind of emotions, but we are so thankful for your safe and healthy arrival into our lives. You are a little ray of sunshine and are so loved. Zachary adores showering you in affection with lots of kisses and hugs.Your brother always says Helllooooo in a special way for you and it is so cute, as he is such a caring big brother and very protective over you! You both will have an unbreakable bond and your adventures in brotherhood will be magical for us to watch for us as parents. Even though at the moment, it is definitely the hardest, I would not change anything, perhaps a couple more hours sleep but that is all!

I will be combing both of the boys special monthly updates and I hope to be publishing them now, on the 13th of each month, the first month will be live on the 13th March 2017!

Lots of love,

Mummy and Daddy xxx


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