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Hello newborn & toddler boys!

Hello my lovelies,

My darling Zachary and Theodore, Hi!

Theodore is 1 month old today on the 13th of March 2017, it has honestly been one of the best and busiest months ever. It has been a joy of getting to know our newborn Theodore, although It is a balancing act but we are taking each day as it comes and working with both your schedules.

My lovely boys! xx

Theodore is breastfeeding extremely well considering he has a tongue tie, and this is reflected in his positive weight measurements. He was 6lbs 3oz when he was born and at his last weight check, he was 7lbs 2 oz. He is having milk every 2-3 hours, sometimes more especially in the night. He loves to cluster feed which is extremely tiring and lovely at the same time to have peace and quiet cuddling him. I am very happy that we have managed to breastfeed for a month with expressing breast milk for you too! It has given me so much more confidence in seeing that we are creating a baby who is growing. I think having a big brother Zachary is helping him be very alert at the time when he is awake. Theodore loves to look at family members and I think he is recognising Zachary, Daddy and Mummy’s voices and faces. I think Theodore recognises his own and turns when he is called to which is so sweet. He is beginning to hold his head up independently for a couple of seconds at a time. Theodore is very good at following objects with his eyes and is quite content to be on the floor for tummy time for brief periods.


Theodore is wearing Tiny baby clothes still, which is so cute but he is quickly growing out of them and is wearing size one nappies. Theodore’s skin is very sensitive and was dry although the dryness is clearing up.

Cuddles for Theodore! x


My cheeky nearly 19 month old, Zachary has been developing so much with his speech recently. It is so lovely as he is really trying to say new words such as Bath, milk, shoes, pointing to my nose and Daddy’s and Theodore’s, also he is trying to say Theodore but says dore dore. He has also mastered how to say “Shhhh” and will do the action for it aswell! Also, to give an honest account, it has been a challenge with screeching with excitement but also frustration when we are not understanding what something means, but we try to be patient and work out what he means but it requires the skills of a detective and lots of pointing at random objects. Zachary is able to crawl backwards down the stairs or is able to walk and sit whilst holding someone’s hand down the stairs. As a mum of two, I have mastered the art of carrying my two boys at the same time, holding both on the sofa or chair for cuddles: as a mum of two under two, you really do become a very good multi-tasker! Also, this month, Zachary has been preferring to be running around in just his nappy. Zachary loves to have a bath but we have also been getting him used to the shower to rinse his hair and body off after the bubbles, he loves to stand under the magical waterfall of water. He has also mastered how to say “Shhhh” and will do the action for it as well! Zachary is becoming less dependent on having milk to go to bed with and many nights this month he has happily fallen asleep without milk.

Throughout, pregnancy whilst I was at work and in the later stages, I was lucky enough to have my Mum take Zachary to a play group and we have managed to go once since Theodore was born. Again, with my mum’s help but it was lovely to see Zachary especially in the forest school learning. It is a challenge getting out of the house solo but we can do it but it requires so much organising. We have a very child centred morning routine and I have been using the time where they are both sleeping to catch up on the much-needed rest from being awake throughout the night. Oh! the shock of newborn sleep hits you like hell, even though we have had one baby go through this, you actually forget the brutal reality of it sometimes!

We are very happy with the way Zachary is adapting to having a little brother as his caring personality is shining through. Zachary loves to help be involved and completes mini jobs, fetching and picking things up well. Zachary is a very practical person and loves to be involved in all elements of our household chores and is fascinated by the hoover and tumble dryer. Zachary has been known to throw a massive crying storm when the hoover is ready to be put away in the cupboard. Zachary loves to hold Theodore but only under our supervision and he is a little bit excitable about it. It is special and the bond is something which makes my heart melt especially little moments such as Zachary holding Theodore’s hand or giving him kisses.


Look how long long Zachary’s eyelashes are!

I have been trying to film video for my YouTube channel at: yobeautifulworld which is documenting parts of our days and capturing special memories, I am currently trying to edit and upload 2 more videos which are day in the life style videos over several days. I documented Zachary’s newborn days with mainly photographs and a couple of videos. I am making more effort to film clips of the boys together and us as a family as it is a special time in our lives and hopefully will document our treasured family memories, like this blog!


Lots of love, Mummy and Daddy xxx




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